22 Romantic Bedroom Trends in 2022

Enjoying the feel and ambiance of your bedroom is important to how you feel while you’re in the room. With so many color schemes and themes to choose from, picking a bedroom theme can be overwhelming. Choosing a romantic theme can provide a soft and romantic atmosphere to your bedroom that makes you feel tranquil. Here are 22 trending romantic bedroom ideas to inspire you.

interior designer nj - romantic bedroom designs

1. Blush-Beige Tones

Blush-beige walls are trending to help set the stage for a sophisticated and romantic bedroom design. Paired with mirrors, blush tones can help create a clean and romantic feel to your room.

2. Canopy Beds

Once upon a time you may have wanted to have a canopy bed in your childhood bedrooms. Now you finally can! Some canopy beds make you feel enclosed, but not when done with a modern twist; sheer fabrics to provide a romantic atmosphere.

interior designer nj - romantic bedroom designs

3. Statement Wall

Creating a statement wall in your bedroom can be simple with some YouTube or Pinterest DIY research. Consider a fun floral design on the wall of your bed headboard.

interior designer nj - romantic bedroom designs

4. Shiplap

Are you into more rustic and farmhouse feelings? Using white shiplap to create an accent wall can help your bedroom feel light, bright, and airy.

5. Ocean Themed

For beach and shore lovers, a beach or ocean themed bedroom can help bring a sense of happiness to your home year round. No longer will you need to wait for your yearly beach trip. Relax with ocean artwork or theming.

6. Purple Tones

Using several purple tones can help provide a romantic mood. Purple is a happy color for most people. Try using a two-toned paint approach, painting adjacent walls with varying shades of purple.

7. Rosy Patterns

Nothing says romance like pink tones and roses. Layer rose or flower themed patterns using throw pillows, accent walls, or bedding. This will make your bedroom feel like it’s Valentine’s day year round!

interior designer nj - romantic bedroom designs

8. Window Treatments

Instead of darkening window treatments which do not allow light through, experiment with sheer linens and drapes in your bedroom. This provides an open, airy, and romantic ambience.

9. Classic Timeless Look

Create a classic and timeless look by adding a bed-end bench. This gives the room a sense of elegance and romance. Using a blush or beige tone in combination with the bench at the end of the bed makes the room look timeless.

10. Create Contrast

Use a combination of dark and light colors to create a depth-filled bedroom. Using too many pastel or light colors can make your room feel immature. Contrasting colors allow you to get the best of both worlds.

11. Reclaimed Wood

Using reclaimed wood accents can help your room look expensive and luxurious. One way to add simple reclaimed wood into your bedroom is to change your bed frame to one featuring beautiful wood.

12. Peach Tones

Looking for something different than blush or pink tones? Adding peach in combination with soft white walls can make a great color pairing. Add some vintage art to the walls for a romantic vibe.

13. Lighting

Changing the lighting in your bedroom can really help set the mood and make it more romantic. One option are Moroccan pendant lights which make the room feel spacious and expensive.

interior designer nj - romantic bedroom designs

14. Add a Sitting Area

If your bedroom has the space, adding a small sitting area can create a feeling of intimacy. You and your partner will enjoy using this space for a cup of coffee or a deep chat.

15. Fireplace Mood

A bedroom with a fireplace has an instantly romantic feel to it. If you can’t add a real fireplace into the bedroom, a faux fireplace can do the trick too.

16. Oversized Plants

Oversized plants can help turn your bedroom into an indoor garden oasis. Nature inspired elements can help improve the mood of your bedroom with splashes of greenery.

interior designer nj - romantic bedroom designs

17. Textured Headboards

A textured headboard, such as velvet, can make your bed seem ultra luxurious and expensive. You’ll feel like you are in a fancy hotel every night in your own bed.

18. Bold Statements

Though we often think of romance as light and bright, using bold shades like black can be quite romantic too. Black walls, or accent walls, can make your bedroom have the perfect level of intimacy to set the right mood.

19. Sheer Curtains

Hang sheer curtains for a soft and dreamy effect. Using shades of white or cream, you can jazz up your windows instantly with a simple curtain change.

interior designer nj - romantic bedroom designs

20. Wordy Throw Pillows

Looking for an inexpensive way to make the room feel more romantic instantly? Try adding some throw pillows with fun or romantic words or phrases on them to your bed.

21. Personal Touches

Add you and your significant other’s initials to framed art behind your bed. Or, add one of your favorite quotes in lettering above the bed. Adding a personal touch can make the room feel like it’s really yours and add intimacy.

22. Feminine Touches

One way to add a romantic feel to your bedroom is to use the right colors and tones. Try beige or light pink hues, pops of soft pink, paired with hardware with fun tassels or rose gold finishes.


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