22 Ways to Cheer Up your Bathroom in 2022

Having a bathroom that gets you in a good mood can be an important start to your day. Tired of your old dingy or outdated bathroom? Brightening up your bathroom can play a large role in how you feel about yourself when you’re getting ready to begin your day. These simple changes can make all the difference and do not require a total overhaul or renovation! Check out these 22 trends for simple ways to make your bathroom more cheery.

Add Plants
Plants are a quick and simple way to add some green and vibrancy to your bathroom! Even better, they can freshen stale air. Try adding some plants that require very little maintenance like the spider plant. Finding plants which thrive in warmth and in moisture prone areas, like the bathroom, will allow the plants to thrive. Plants can quickly cheer up your mood.

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Faux Wood Flooring
Faux wood flooring is an inexpensive way to make your bathroom feel totally different. Faux wood, which is made of vinyl, gives you a luxurious hardwood floor appearance without the expense. The great thing is that they require no nails or glue to install, so they can be put down easily.

Get a Vibrant Bath Mat
Say goodbye to your boring solid bath mat and try replacing it with a fun, vibrant or patterned bath mat. If you’re not finding what you like in standard bath mats, you can use a rug type which is supposed to be for a different type of room. As long as you get a non-slip pad underneath, your options are endless! This is an inexpensive way to jazz up your bathroom instantly.

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New Shower Curtain
Just like the new bath mat can improve the feel of your bathroom, so can a new shower curtain. Shower curtains are easy to replace and change as little or as frequently as you’d like. They can provide a whole new feel for your bathroom and can allow you to change your color scheme to something more cheerful.

Fresh Coat of Paint
Most bathrooms are small, so paint should not be too costly for a small room. A fresh coat of paint in a more vibrant color can quickly cheer up the room.

New Toilet Handle
Changing your toilet handle for a more classy look can update your bathroom quickly. Try a chrome or bronze fixture for an updated, modern look.

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Reclaimed Wood Walls
Reclaimed wood walls are quite trendy right now, but not just for living spaces! They can improve the feel of your bathroom as well. Many DIY YouTube videos can show you how to take on this project. Consider only doing one small accent wall in the bathroom, rather than the entire thing. This provides depth for the room.

Peel and Stick Backsplashes
Many home improvement stores sell backsplashes with an adhesive backing. This means it’s simple for a DIY project. Cover up your existing, outdated backsplash with a peel and stick one for an entirely new look.

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New Vanity
Old cabinetry or vanities can start to look worn and dated over time. To save money, keep your existing sink and drop it into a new vanity. You’ll have a fresh look without the cost of an entire bathroom renovation.

Light Fixtures
Old light fixtures with dim lighting can make a bathroom feel dark or sad. To brighten things up, consider new light fixtures which allow the room to feel light and bright.

Bright Linens
Say goodbye to your boring old brown bath and hand towels. Try adding something with a pop of color or patterns. This will help your bathroom instantly feel more cheerful and less gloomy.

Add some Photos
Just because it’s a bathroom doesn’t mean it can’t have photographs too, like the rest of your home. Add a few special photos to the walls to help the room feel more like home.

Floating Shelves
Have some extra space above your toilet? Floating shelves are a great way to add both design and space. These can be used to hold photos, plants, or other vibrant decor for your bathroom.

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Mirror Updates
Changing the shape or size of the existing mirror can give the room a whole new look. One trending bathroom design includes using multiple mirrors, both above the vanity and above the toilet.

Add Fragrance
Have a favorite scent? Use this scent in a room or air freshener spray to help set a better, more vibrant feeling while you’re in your bathroom.

Over time, bathroom clutter can cause the room to feel smaller and overwhelming. Investing in some bathroom organization bins and tools can help you make the room feel more spacious and clean.

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Toilet Seat Upgrades
This one might sound far fetched; but an old toilet seat, especially wood, can make the bathroom feel dated. Try switching it out for a soft-touch closing toilet seat.

Change your Artwork
Have you had the same decor or art hanging on the wall for years? Perhaps you’re just tired of looking at it. Simply adding a more vibrant painting or artwork in your bathroom can spruce up the room.

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Light a Candle
Like room sprays or air fresheners, candles can help give a pleasant aroma in the bathroom. Add a few candles to light while taking a bath to give the room a more pleasant vibe.

Do a Deep Clean
Deep cleanings can make you instantly feel refreshed about the room. Deep cleanings are often overlooked, as many of us live busy lives. A deep clean can help make the room feel a little more fresh.

Add Pops of Color
Use vibrant and bright colors like primary red, yellow, or orange, to add a spring-like vibe. Whether it’s adding a vase of flowers or a bright hand towel, sometimes adding color is a quick way to change your mood.

Two Tone Paint
Consider repainting the bathroom in a two-toned paint scheme. Not only does this freshen up the room, but it allows you to pick contrasting colors to provide depth.


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