Interior Design Brick, NJ

Victorian Turns Transitional in Brick, NJ Interior Design

I say it often, but this was one of my favorite projects!!

A complete restoration of this turn of the century Victorian. We uncovered tree stumps as footings in the basement. So many amazing surprises on this project including an original stacked brick chimney dating back to 1886!

Having known the owner of the property for many years, we talked at length imagining what the spaces would look like after this complete interior reconstruction was complete.

It was important to keep the integrity of the building, while giving it a much needed update. We paid special attention to the architectural details on the interior doors, window trim, stair case, lighting, bathrooms and hardwood floors.

The result is a stunning space our client loves.... and so do we!

What the Client Had To Say:

My project was a Victorian commercial space which Lisa completed this past summer. I have known her for several years and when I finally decided to go ahead with my renovation I had no other person in mind except Lisa.

I would say without hesitation that was my biggest and best decision that I have made in the past several years. Working with her was very easy and at the same time rewarding. I trusted her expertise and took her advise as everyone should when dealing with an Interior Designer.

Since we have moved back into our office all of my clients have done nothing but examine the fine craftsmanship that was done and the actual design itself even to the point of some taking their own pictures.

There are not enough words that can be said about Lisa Cresman and Evenflow Interiors.
Trust Her and You won’t be sorry.