Interior Design Rules for Living Rooms

Your living room is the heart of your home. It’s where the living takes place. Your family deserves to have a living room that looks amazing, is comfortable, and is highly-functional.

In order to design the best living room for your family, follow these rules.

Comfort is key when it comes to our living room interior design rules

After all, the more comfortable people are in your living room, the longer they will stay. Create a cozy environment by selecting a large, comfy couch. A big sofa can fit more people or can fit fewer people more comfortably— either way is a win if you ask us. Grab some super cozy blankets to throw on the couch; faux fur or cashmere are our personal favorites for maximum comfort.

Set the mood in your living room with lighting

During the day, it’s essential to have a bright and open living space. But at night, when watching TV or kicking back and relaxing, the last thing you want is bright lights blaring in your face. Get the best of both worlds by incorporating some layered light sources. If you have only one leading overhead light, try to include different light fixtures, such as lamps, accent lighting, and even candles.

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Strike the perfect balance between function and fashion for a winning living room interior design

We know you want to sit in the lap of luxury, literally on your sofa. But, if you have pets, kids, grandkids, or a husband, you need some functionality in there too. To strike the perfect balance between design and functionality, get a slipcover for your new sofa (you’ll thank us later when your new grandson spills his apple juice), use baskets and fabric bins for easy and stashable storage. If you have a new baby in your family, consider eliminating the sharp corners from your space.

Interior design rules for choosing the perfect coffee table

Coffee tables are another important piece of the living room pie. Coffee tables are the perfect example of an area where you need function and fashion. When choosing a coffee table, consider the following:

  • Shape. A circle or oval is an excellent choice if you have toddlers to eliminate sharp edges. Maybe you are looking for a rectangle coffee table. Start with your preferred coffee table shape to narrow down your options.
  • Next, think about how your coffee table will vibe with your sofa. Pay attention to proportions and try to choose a coffee table that is one-third to two-thirds the width of your couch. You also want the surface of your coffee table to match the height of your sofa and accent chairs approximately. Next, choosing the material will help you further narrow down the style options. Are you looking for a solid wood table, a marble top, or something else?

Find a focal point when designing your living room

A great place to start when beginning to design your living room is to find a focal point. It could be a unique piece of art, a piano, or a fireplace. Most homes have one central point of interest that is the first thing you notice when entering the room. Consider centering the space around the focal point.

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Add some texture to bring dimension to your living room interior design

Texture and dimension will top off your living room by adding visual appeal and interest. Add artwork, photos, mirrors, and shelves to the walls to create some dimension. When hanging these items up, make sure they are at eye-level and are centered.

Choosing an area rug for your living room

An area rug can tie your living room together. They add texture and dimension and also serve a function. Choose a rug that goes with your color scheme and that you can place smack dab in the center of the room. Make sure you choose the right size for your room and the furniture. A rule of thumb is that the rug should be large enough so that at least the front legs of your furniture are on it, and the carpet should be more than 6-12 inches away from the walls.

Work With Our Experts To Create The Living Room Of Your Dreams

Your living room is the center of your home. It’s where special holiday memories will be made and where you spend quality time with your loved ones. There are so many decisions to make when it comes to designing the living room of your dreams. Each choice needs to complement the space you have. Sometimes it’s difficult to be certain that you’re making the right choices. To save yourself time and stress, it’s a smart idea to work with the experts. That way, you can be certain you’re making the best decisions for you and your family.

When you work with Lisa and the team at Evenflow, we’ll make sure that every detail is thoughtfully considered. We’ll help you choose each piece with care, paying close attention to materials, size, and the flow of your space. Above all else, we’ll help you keep the future in mind. We’ll help you design a space that responds to what your family needs today and tomorrow, as your family grows and changes.

We want you to have the beautiful living room of your dreams. Tell us about your project to learn more about how we can help your dream come to life.


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