Our interior design philosophy is clear and concise. We believe a home should reflect the style and personality of the people who dwell in it. Unique to itself and amazingly cozy…. like your favorite slippers. This process begins with a design consultation to discuss the scope of your job and talk about your needs. Followed by a presentation with scaled floor plans showing the room layout with wall colors, window treatments and custom furniture options. Then comes the fun part, installation. Once approved, all of your custom selections are ordered, inspected and installed by our team. From consultation to completion, we work hard to bring your vision to reality.


Always dreamt of a kitchen with an island that seats six or a fireplace in your master bedroom? No problem. Whether you are in need of a new bathroom, kitchen or complete home renovation, count on us. With a job coordinator available at all times, we hire and schedule all sub-trades and provide you with a timeline of your unique job, Our team of contractors are fully accredited, licensed and highly motivated.


What good is having a beautiful interior if you can’t see it? Good lighting is essential and the possibilities are endless. Three types of lighting work together in your home, ambient, task and accent. A good lighting plan combines all three types to light an area according to function and style. Carefully placing important task lighting, providing ambient light for overall illumination and highlighting specific points of interest with accent lighting all work together to achieve a well designed lighting plan. We can create a reflected lighting to put all of these options into perspective for you and the electrical contractor.


It’s the details that make a space shine. An interior is brought to a whole new level of excitement when accessories are added. Blank walls provide a canvas for a well appointed piece of artwork. Floral arrangements bring life and color to otherwise neutral spaces. We hunt and gather one of a kind pieces from all over the world so that our clients interiors are like no other, creating beautiful vignettes for all to enjoy.