It’s the details that make a space shine. An interior is brought to a whole new level of excitement when accessories are added. Blank walls provide a canvas for a well appointed piece of artwork. Floral arrangements bring life and color to otherwise neutral spaces. We hunt and gather one of a kind pieces from all over the world so that our client’s interiors are like no other.

Highlighting accessories is really where the “you” shines. Family heirlooms, personal interests, a favorite piece of art … these are the real jewels in any room. Whether you have a treasure trove of sentimental family collectables or you’re struggling to fill your empty bookshelves, Evenflow Interiors has the knack for creating stunning design through the perfect last detail.

We take an eclectic approach to accessory buying and make sure finishing touches are as interesting and unique as each client. Never worry about how to display your diverse collection of decorations and trimmings again. Our artistic eye knows the perfect way to co-mingle unexpected items, creating beautiful vignettes for all to enjoy.

Evenflow Interiors creates cohesive and interesting designs that highlight your unique personality. When we’re finished, each room looks ready for a magazine cover.