Our interior design philosophy is clear and concise. We believe a home should reflect the style and personality of the people who dwell in it. Unique to itself and amazingly cozy … like those favorite pair of slippers.

Things change, time moves on, and houses come and go. One of the most powerful things you can do for yourself is to refresh your home to fit your evolving life and your current passions.

Does something feel off since you moved your furniture into a new space, but you can’t quite put your finger on just what? Or maybe you’ve simply outgrown your old pieces? Call us, we can help reimage your place until it’s the perfect fit for your current lifestyle.

A blank canvas is our sweet spot here at Evenflow Interiors. We’re experts at stripping a space down and redoing the home with the original footprint in tact. Don’t try to fit an old life into a new you. We’ll help you create your ideal space - incorporating your favorite pieces and then customizing the rest.

After your initial consultation with your interior designer, we’ll present scaled floor plans suggesting the ideal room layout that’ll support and enhance your life. Complete with wall colors, window treatments, custom furniture options, and lighting design; we make sure we are on target with your vision every step of the way.

When we’re sure we’ve got it right, we’ll order all of your custom selections and accessories to be inspected and installed by our team. The real fun comes next: reveal day.

Some of the best neck hugs we’ve ever gotten were on reveal day. We live to see our client’s eyes swell with tears of joy and to hear screams of happiness from their lips. There is simply no greater day than this - for our clients and for us.

And don't worry if you're not right in Brick! We have helped clients all over New Jersey with their interior design needs. Check out our portfolio of New Jersey Interior Design projects.

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