Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms - they are essential in the home. Serving a multitude of important purposes, they’re used day in and day out. However, despite their functionality and necessity in the home, bathroom renovations may not be the first thing you think about when deciding to remodel or redecorate. In fact, it might not event be the second or third.
​​Even though bathroom renovations are sometimes overlooked, there’s no doubt that it’s an extremely important space. We believe that a tranquil bathroom has the potential to be one of the most-loved rooms in the house. It can become a sanctuary for morning routines, relaxing baths, and even just some much-needed alone time. Keep reading to learn more about how we approach bathroom renovations and see some of our favorite examples.

Bathroom Tiles Design

Tile is one of our favorite elements to use in any room, but in the smaller space of a bathroom, it has an even stronger visual effect. Whether small or large, tiles set the tone of the space and draw the room together. And with water all around, the material is ideal for its easy maintenance and cleanliness.

bathroom interior design tile belmar nj

The honeycomb shape of the tiles in this Belmar bathroom creates an unusual and interesting look. Their cool, neutral tone keeps the pattern calm and the bathroom relaxing.

bathroom tiles design brick nj

Similarly-shaped but smaller honeycomb tiles shine in this bathroom. Subway tile along the wall completes the clean look and adds extra shine.

Powder Room

Have some extra space in the bathroom? Adding a powder room is a great way to put it to use. A dedicated place to freshen up will make this room one of your favorite places to hang out.

powder room design ideas bradley beach nj

In this Bradley Beach bathroom, we added some signage to designate the powder room space. Getting ready in the morning is a breeze when you have a special place for it!

Bathroom Mirror Design

Although its purpose is to reflect other things, a mirror can be a statement piece on its won. Choosing one with an interesting frame or large size can make it a standout, rather than letting it fade into the background.

bathroom mirror ideas brick nj

An ornate bathroom deserves an equally sophisticated mirror. This piece’s frame mimics the bold geometric wall coverings surrounding it and brings this alcove to life.

bathroom mirror ideas brielle nj

In this Brielle bathroom, interesting framing and hanging materials transform an ordinary mirror into a nautically-inspired porthole. Unique lighting overhead completes the look.


An amazing bathtub can make all the difference after a long day - sinking into a warm bath full of bubbles is one of life’s simplest pleasures. It can also be a visual statement piece. Oversized or standalone tubs bring a spa-like atmosphere and dial up the luxurious feel.

bathtub design belmar nj

Our clients in Belmar dreamed of a beautiful bathtub - so we delivered with this piece. Situated in the middle of the room, it serves as a focal point and creates a relaxing vibe. Perched next to a large window, it’s the ideal place to soak and enjoy the view.

bathtub design bayhead nj

A clawfoot bathtub adds a touch of polish to this rustic Bayhead bathroom. With a glossy feel and a gracefully curved faucet, it elevates the mood.


If you’re not the bath-taking type, a high-quality shower is the best way to feel pampered in your bathroom.

shower design ideas brielle nj

In our Brielle project, this shower brings a new level of relaxation. With a luxe rain shower head, getting a deep clean has never felt this good.

Bathroom Faucet

The tiny details always bring a project to life. In the bathroom, smaller finishes such as faucets and other hardware are the finishing touch to give the space extra polish.

bathroom interior design - faucet design brielle nj

The flat, angular faucets in this Brielle bathroom add a chic touch. Paired with elegant light fixtures, this bathroom feels both relaxing and upscale.

With details and fixtures like these, there’s no doubt the bathroom will become one of the most prized parts of your home. With good design throughout, from layout to finishes, yours can become a personal spa, sanctuary, and happy place.