Tiled Floors

With every project, we love to infuse personality and energy into the space. We’ve done this in many different ways, from a fresh coat of paint to a complete gut renovation – but we often find that the simplest elements have the biggest impact. Tiled floors are a tool that we love to use to bring a room together. Endless varieties of shapes, colors, and textures means that there’s always the perfect one to complement your space – or to make a bold statement for that “wow” factor.

Tying a Room Together

One of the greatest ways to use tile is as a subtle accent piece to complement the rest of the room. Using subdued colors and shapes can allow other bold elements of the space, like wall color or cabinets, to make a statement. We love the way that a natural background lets another element to be the star, like in the examples below.

We’ve used natural-looking stone, such as travertine, in many projects to complement other elements and bring the look together.

interior designer nj - tiled floor design

interior designer nj - floor tile patterns

Standing Out

Covering the floor with bold colors or patterns is a great way to make a statement in your space. There’s endless options and plenty of exciting trends – with literally thousands of choices, you can find the perfect one to make your room stand out. Some of our favorites looks are:


A geometric pattern covering the floor adds visual interest and can hold its own as the centerpiece of a room.

Bright Colors

A pop of color is somewhat unexpected on the floor – let your tile steal the spotlight from the walls.

Black and White

High-contrast can pack a visual punch. We love the way this marble added a sense of glamour and drama to our project in Colts Neck.

interior designer nj - checkerboard floor tiles


Luxurious and modern, huge slabs of tile can elevate a space.


This pattern is super in-style right now, but terrazzo has always been a classic.

Other Tips

With a little extra thought, any type of tile can transform a room. Arranging those with neutral colors or standard shapes into an interesting pattern, such as zig-zag or chevron, adds more visual interest. Even in a uniform pattern, using a tile that contrasts with grout color can break up an otherwise plain floor.


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