Unique Color Schemes That Energizes your Kitchen

While neutral color kitchens remain a timeless classic, neutral color palettes may be too mild for people with unique and fun taste. Having a unique color scheme in your kitchen can make you feel happy and vibrant. Even better, your kitchen will have character and charm; unlike some cookie-cutter type kitchens. Most people spend a significant amount of time in their kitchen when compared to other rooms in the home. Here are some unique color schemes to spark inspiration and energize your kitchen.

Accents of Red

Like yellow, bright and primary shades of red are not often used in kitchen color schemes. Much like many people choose to paint their home’s front door with a pop of red color, this is also a great idea for your kitchen. Adding a fun and vibrant red to your wall can compliment wood cabinets. Or, you can try adding red just to your kitchen island and bar stools.

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Shades of Blues

Lighter and brighter shades of blue, like sky blue, can give your kitchen a more open and airy look. This is a great way to make smaller kitchens seem more open and vibrant. Shades of blues can be easily incorporated through your backsplash tile, or even just a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Aim to pick a color of blue that makes you feel energized.

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Turquoise and Gray

The combination of both turquoise and gray is a beautiful and unique color scheme. With gray walls, turquoise painted cabinets can really pop. This color scheme is perfect for those who love a more dated or retro/vintage look, which is often not found in new build kitchens.

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Turquoise and Red

Turquoise and red together may not seem like a great color scheme at first. However, if you’re aiming for a retro or diner-style vibe in your kitchen, adding pops of both colors can actually compliment each other wonderfully. Think of your favorite old diner; the combination of these colors with retro checkered tile floors can really give your kitchen a whole new feel.

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Neutrals with a Small Pop of Color

Looking for a way to energize your kitchen without going extreme? A great way to add new colors is to work with a primarily neutral color scheme on the cabinets, and add in pops of color in either the tile or wall color. This is a great option to help make your kitchen design personalized and unique if you’re not ready to take the plunge to going too bold.

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Deep Greens

Incorporating deep and forest greens throughout the kitchen can provide a modern and fresh look. When paired with stark white, such as quartz countertops, these colors provide a shockingly beautiful level of contrast. Even better, pair it with a rustic oak wood for a woodsy type kitchen feeling. You’ll be longing to go to your favorite log cabin!

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Mint Green and White

Mint green has been increasingly popular again in the last few years. Pastel tones, like mint green, provide a fun and fresh, clean feeling to your kitchen. Mint green is a wonderful way to make your cabinets feel fresh and new again. Paired with white countertops or appliances, or white subway tiles, this can make a perfect color combination for a unique kitchen.

Whether you’re looking for a retro style kitchen update using primary colors like red or yellow, or a more modest and modern look using dark green, adding some vibrant colors to your kitchen can help it feel freshened up and more enjoyable to cook in. Give one of these eight unique color schemes a try to help energize your kitchen this year.