Why Hire an Interior Designer?

Thinking of hiring an interior designer? 

Don’t hesitate. 

Your home is your sanctuary and customizing it will help you and your family thrive. You might be surprised by all the positive ripples that start to gently rock your world when you refresh your home. Who knows what might happen when you finally renovate your bedroom, update the kitchen or create the home office of your dreams? Will you end up better rested? Will you decide that you love to cook? Will you finally write that novel you’ve been talking about? Just like the potential of your finished basement, the possibilities are endless.

You’ve hired professionals for other areas of your life and you know what a difference the right professional can make. Choosing the right interior designer can make your dream house become a reality.

What Interior Designers Can Do For You

An interior designer covers a much wider scope than just choosing fabric for treatments and picking out the perfect throw pillow. They do that, too, of course. But they are also trained in the structural side of building and remodeling a home. They understand architecture, can manipulate floor plans, provide scaled CAD drawings and detailed elevations.

An interior designer’s job is, literally, to design the interior (and exterior) of your home. They create a space that fits your lifestyle. Function, unlike beauty, runs more than skin deep. It doesn’t matter how great your place looks if it doesn’t take into account how you and your family need to use it. If your home isn’t livable, you’re not going to relish spending time there. An interior designer will analyze, dissect and evaluate your home and what makes it tick. They take time to listen, and they observe what’s working well and where flow is getting stuck. No two clients are alike. From the happily single bachlorette to the parents with 6 kids, what people need from their homes is deeply personal. An interior designer factors in all of that to create a space both pragmatic and pretty. If a home doesn’t satisfy the basic needs of its occupants, an interior designer can come up with creative solutions that help.

Hiring an Interior Designer: A Professional  You Trust

When you hire an interior designer, they are not there to turn your home into their vision. A good interior designer is there to create the most functional and beautiful space possible for you. That means that before they even start thinking about paint colors and coffee tables, they’ve already taken the time to get to know your style. They are professionals, and have studied everything from complementary color pairing to the best wall level to hang art. Trust them. Let them do their thing. Think of all the time (and money) you’ll save when you stop second guessing which of the 17 paint samples you’ve been staring at is the perfect shade of gray.

Let Evenflow Interiors Make Your Dream a Reality

So while it’s tempting to imagine you have the time, vision and know-how to tackle designing or remodeling on your own, you’re better off hiring a professional from the start. You’ll get things done right the first time. You’ll get access to the best vendors. You’ll get a home you might not have been able to dream up yourself. Did you know science proves we operate at our highest when we feel happy and supported? Imagine what your perfect home will bring out in you. 


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