Best Surface Materials For Your Bathroom Remodel

You deserve to have the best materials for your remodeling projects, and your bathroom is no exception. The bathroom is often a sanctuary to relax and meditate, to soak your stress away. Having a luxurious place to get ready for the day can put you in the proper mindset. Think of the calming baths you can take at the end of the day in your new bathroom retreat. There are many different high-quality materials available for you to choose from to create your beautiful new relaxation space.

Your vanity should be both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound. The elements of a bathroom can wreak havoc on certain materials. Choosing top-of-line materials will help your vanity withstand water, soap buildup, toothpaste, cosmetics, and liquids with an alcohol or acetone based. Consider low-scoring materials to prevent noticeable scratches from razors, jewelry, belt buckles, etc. Although it will be luxurious, you still want your bathroom to match your personal needs, whether you need to focus on scratch resistant materials or water-resistant materials. Maybe you need a highly durable surface to last a long time. Natural materials will be your best option.

interior designer nj - granite bathroom tiles

Granite is the most popular choice and will give your bathroom a high-end look and feel. Granite is available in a wide variety of colors, with flecks of color throughout. Each granite slab is different, so your vanity will have a one of a kind look distinguished from anywhere else.

interior designer nj - quartz bathroom tiles

Quartz also gets high ratings because of its beauty and toughness. It is stronger than granite, does not require sealing, and is naturally resistant to moisture. It is more prone to fingerprints showing, so you will need to wipe it down often.

interior designer nj - marble bathroom tiles

Marble has been a symbol of luxury for centuries. It is another long-lasting material that comes in a wide variety of colors. Instead of flecks of color throughout like granite, marble has veins of colors running throughout. Marble can be used with a matte finish, but it emits a gorgeous shine when polished. It can be prone to stains, scratching, and etching because of its porosity and will need to be resealed regularly.

interior designer nj - slate bathroom tiles

Slate is less porous than granite or marble, so it resists stains. The slate you see in your bathroom will be what it looked like in nature, so it is a good choice for a natural look. Colors are consistent shades of gray, black, or green.

interior designer nj - soapstone bathroom tiles

Soapstone is another non-porous stone that is far easier to care for than granite or marble. It usually is available in shades of white or gray with veins of coloring running throughout, like marble.
Soapstone is a very sanitary countertop and gains character over time without lowering the quality of the material.

interior designer nj - limestone bathroom tiles

Limestone and Travertine are related stones usually cut into tiles. They are rarely used in bathrooms because of how porous they are. So, you will want to really consider whether or not you are interested in the upkeep. If you do decide to use one in your remodel, it will need to be sealed often.

interior designer nj - onyx bathroom tiles

Onyx is a rare brittle stone formed by dissolving limestone that is redeposited as new stone. Drip water in caves forms onyx as stalactites and stalagmites. Onyx is a hypnotically beautiful stone with its layering and veins in rich color tones. It is rarely used as a countertop because of the attention it requires.

You have a wide variety of material options for your bathroom. Think about what works best within your home. You may want to match the overall interior design look of your home. Or, maybe you plan on remodeling your whole house, which would give you a blank slate to create the most luxurious and stylish bathroom you will absolutely love. Either way, have fun with your remodel, and plan on relaxing soon in your new peaceful retreat.