Horizontal or vertical, painted white or natural, siding or ceiling – there’s plenty of ways that shiplap can work in your home. The versatile style can fit modern, rustic, and lots of other styles in between – that’s just one of the things we love about it.

Traditionally, it was the material typically used to make ships, barns, sheds and cabins. Because of the rabbets (grooves or notches) cut into the boards, they interlock to fit snugly together and form a seal that makes the structures durable and watertight.

Today, shiplap has a more decorative purpose and is frequently seen inside homes as a key design element. It can make a space feel modern and clean, or it can lend warmth to a more cabin-esque vibe. Although typically painted white, it also looks great when stained dark or left to look more natural.

The lines in between the boards naturally lead the eye, which can make a room appear bigger. When installed vertically, they make the room look taller. And if installed on the ceiling, they draw attention upwards.

There’s lots of reasons to love shiplap – we certainly do! We included it in our own studio as part of our sample wall. It gives the room character and is one of our favorite elements.

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