The Holiday Decorating Guide

Let’s get down to business!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and we can’t wait to break out the decorations! Especially in a year like 2020, bringing some cheer into your home might be just what you need to get into the holiday spirit.

Curious how we’re decorating our own spaces? This winter, we’re leaning into the natural elements – Mother Nature is creating something beautiful! Read on for how we’re bringing this vibe into our holiday decor – and check out our Holiday Pinterest Board for extra inspiration.

#1: Citrus Garlands

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In the studio, we love a citrusy, energizing scent. Bring that uplifting energy to your holiday home decor with a garland that incorporates dried oranges or grapefruit – it looks gorgeous and provides a fresh twist on classic decor.

#2: Paper Bag Snowflakes

 interior designer nj - christmas decorations

Whether you’re a DIY queen or not, this snowflake project is a breeze… we promise. We learned how to make these gorgeous hanging centerpieces in under five minutes in this video – try it yourself and you’ll have a stunning showpiece in no time!

#3: Fresh Garlands

 interior designer nj - christmas decorations

Do you have an evergreen tree like cypress, pine, or holly near your home? Freshly trimmed branches make incredible garlands to hang on your mantle or around your staircase – the smell will instantly put you in a Christmas mood.

Bonus tip: incorporate individual touches, like this beachy dried starfish, for extra personality.

#4: Gift Wrapping Flair

 interior designer nj - christmas decor

Brown paper bags are the perfect Christmas wrapping – they’re versatile, easy to find, and always add a chic look to your gifts. We take extra sprigs from our tree trimmings (after using them for our garland, of course!) and tie them to the package with some twine to complete the natural look.

#5: Don’t forget the outside!

interior designer nj -christmas door decorations

The inside of your home is a great place to start with decorations, but too often we see the outdoors get ignored! Don’t get too caught up in going all out – small touches go a long way. Some twinkly lights always pass on the cheer to anyone passing by.

BONUS: Pro Tips for the January Transition

interior designer nj - fireplace christmas decor

Have you ever tried to reset a room to your normal look in January, and then realized that you have no idea where your vases, photo frames, and accent pieces went? We’ve been there.

We have a super-easy solution for you: take pictures of your decor before setting up the holiday decorations! Having something to reference makes cleanup easy and quick.


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