Trust your Interior Designer – She’s got your back

Whether you’re moving into a new place, building a house, or have been living in the same home for decades, interior design is essential to how you feel in your space on a daily basis. There are so many factors that influence its ambiance and energy, from layout to the color of the furniture, and in order to feel “at home” whenever you’re in your house, the design must be carefully considered. Having an interior designer to help along the way makes the process simpler and the end product better. Read on to learn more about how bringing a professional on board can help make your dream home a reality.

interior designer nj - living room interior design

When starting from the beginning with new home construction, an interior designer is your advocate. With a deep understanding of the construction process and workflow, they work with tradesmen to ensure quality and timeliness – both of which can be huge headaches for someone who isn’t quite as familiar with the industry. It can also be difficult for a client to articulate their design vision to an architect or builder – an interior designer can help translate, avoiding catastrophe when your vision doesn’t come through in the end result. 

interior designer nj - modern living room design

These costly errors and inefficiencies are in part what encouraged us to launch EvenFlow  Homes, our construction division. From drafting/CAD and creating renderings to plumbing and wallpaper selection, we have expertise in a variety of areas that are invaluable in both new construction and renovations. While hiring an interior designer is an additional cost, these services can save you time and money as well as time and frustration.

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For example, after designing the inside of their Colts Neck home, our clients tasked us with building a cabana from the ground up to be the crowning jewel of their backyard. We worked alongside their contractor and landscape architect to design a space that was ideal both for their kids to play with friends by the pool, and for them to relax and host friends on a summer afternoon. We then furnished and decorated the space to complete the outdoor glamour look!

interior designer nj - beautiful bedroom interior design

Interior designers are best known for just that – designing the interior of a space. The goal is to create a home that is both beautiful and functional: a place that has the perfect furnishings and accessories to fit your style, but also that is designed in a way that fits your needs and lifestyle. For example, we designed the beautiful master bedroom above to maximize visual appeal as well as organization and flow. Clearly defined spaces within the room, from the sleeping area to the writing area, suit our client’s lifestyle.

interior designer nj - interior design room with view nj

Good design influences the pieces that we choose to fill a space. When we can’t find the perfect one, we go custom – such as this tufted bench that fits the room just right. This is just one example of combining style and function to create solutions for clients that they love living in for both its look and its design.

interior designer nj - interior designer fireplace

When designing a home yourself, without any professional help, it’s easy to end up with a hodgepodge of different items and design styles. Selecting furniture, accessories, fabrics, colors, and more that will all work to create a cohesive vibe is more difficult than it looks! Working with an interior designer allows you to give input on what you’d like without handpicking everything yourself, and as a result, your home will feel harmonious and tasteful. In our Spring Lake project, above, we combined sentimental family items (such as our client’s diving flag) with other sourced elements to a living room that feels both familiar and elevated.
Without a doubt, working with an interior designer is the smoothest and most foolproof way to get the home of your dreams. Ready to get started? Fill out our design questionnaire here – we can’t wait to get to work on your project!


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