The Wellness Guide

Welcome to 2021!

Happy New Year! We couldn’t be happier to say goodbye to 2020 – our fingers are crossed for a better year ahead. With that in mind, we’re welcoming in new energy and opportunity – are you with us?

For our first newsletter of the new year, we’re diving into wellness – something we could all use more of right now. Did you know that your environment (read: primarily your home & offices spaces) is one of the biggest determinants of your physical and mental health? Design that promotes wellness couldn’t be more important – read on for our tips to optimize wellbeing in your space.

Tip #1: Maximize natural light – and if you don’t have it, fake it

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Think about the way that being in a light-flooded room makes you feel: energetic, light, and balanced. Moreover, it boosts Vitamin D levels and promotes sleep – so let the sun shine in! We recommend strategically placing furniture and window treatments to avoid blocking windows, and maximize potential for the rays to enter your space, like it does in our Rumson project above.

If you’re working with a windowless space, don’t worry. You can mimic the comforting effects of natural light and create major ambiance by using diffused lighting options. Candles, lamps, and under-counter lighting are great alternatives to harsh fluorescent overhead lighting.

#2: Bring in the natural materials

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Being in nature has an immediate soothing effect, calming the mind and reducing stress. By incorporating principles of biophilic design – a concept that seeks to increase connectivity to the natural world – you can get the same effects in your home.

We love rich materials like reclaimed wood, rattan, and natural stone to bring texture to a space and dial up the connection to nature. Artificial plants also help set the ambiance, but if you’re up for it, real plants can clean your air and boost your health.

#3: Choose colors that help you relax.

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If you’re looking to let your surroundings bring you peace, choose a calming color – blue and cream are two of our favorites. When you’re relaxing in your space at the end of the night, colors that comfort are a huge help for winding down and sound sleep.

If you need some help with this, our comprehensive painting guide is here for all your questions.

#4: Finally implement that organizational system

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It’s time. Whether you’re finally tackling the closet or going all-out to straighten up the bedroom, creating a system to keep everything in its place going forward will give you peace of mind – we promise.

The key to organization is keeping things that are useful, beautiful, or bring you happiness – get rid of the rest, and make room for more things that improve your life!

#5: Create flexible spaces

 interior designer nj - dining room design

We don’t know what the future will hold, so make your spaces work for whatever situation you’re in. For example, in 2020, we saw how home, office, fitness, and childcare space all melded together.

What makes you feel good? If it’s fitness, you could save some floor space in your office to roll out your yoga mat for an impromptu afternoon flow. If painting is meditative for you, then save space in your closet to store your easel and supplies. Whatever it looks like for you, creating spaces that can transform and flex to your lifestyle is key.

Evenflow Interiors is here to help define the vision for your space – reach out to us if you’re ready to get started!


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